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Vermicycle® Organics Applications

Home and Garden, Vermicycle Organics

Home and Garden

Vermicycle® Organics has plant care products that will revitalize the soil for your house and garden plants, protect from bugs and fungi, and help them grow healthier and faster.

house plants vegetables

House Plants

Add Vermicycle® to the soil with new plants or when repotting plants. Vermicycle® My Organic Garden's special mixture is an excellent medium for plants. It's exactly what they need to thrive.

organically grown vegetables


Both the mineral and microorganism-rich Vermicycle® and Vermicycle® Vermicompost give vegetables what they need to grow bigger, better and tastier.

raised bed gardening

Raised Beds

For your raised beds, adding Vermicycle® to the potting soil, or using My Organic Garden will give you the natural results you're looking for. For those who are local to Central North Carolina, call to inquire about bulk quantities and ask about ordering custom raised beds complete with Vermicycle® Vermicompost.
vermicycle organic farming greenhouses


Vermicycle® Organics earth products are well valued by greenhouse owners as they help the seedlings grow stronger roots and survive their early days better.

organic farming greenhouses

Organic Farming

Composting and organic farming go hand-in-hand. Use Vermicycle® or My Organic Garden to start your beds and revitalize them. The natural bug repelling qualities of Vermicycle® Tea Mix are amazing.

greenhouses golf courses

Golf Courses

Golf courses depend upon healthy and strong green grass. Vermicycle® gives the grass what it needs to grow stronger and greener and be more resistant to fungi.

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

The natural bug protection and rich nutrients in Vermicycle® Organics products accelerate the growth and health of grass, bushes, flowers and even trees.

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