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About Vermicycle® Organics

Vermicycle Organics Farm

"An ecologically sustainable method...
... for recycling farming by-products."

Vermicycle® Organics is a family-owned business in North Carolina, founded by Thomas T. Christenberry, Jr.

Thomas Christenberry Jr. created Vermicycle® Organics in response to the demand for an ecologically sustainable method for recycling farming by-products. Vermicycle® Worm Castings are 100 % organic and teaming with microorganisms, nutrients, enzymes and bioactive substances.

Fascinated by the power of earth worms to bio-degrade organic matter into an almost magical plant support substance, Christenberry has spent over 15 years working with and researching vermiculture. In the late 1970's, he successfully produced and marketed earthworms on a moderate scale. He has been and continues to be an instrumental figure in vermiculture remediation. After successfully creating processes for remediation and by-product production, he helped develop automated processes. For the past six years he has been involved in several large scale vermicomposting operations.

Christenberry has collaborated with research studies with agri-scientists at Ohio State University, North Carolina State University, and private industry. He has received several rewards for outstanding accomplishments in research conservation and was named Conservationist of the Year for 1998 by Wilson County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Vermicycle® Organics for You

Just about everyone can benefit from what Vermicycle® Organics does for plants: it's simple, your plants will grow better and faster with this 100% organic, natural, green, earth friendly, 100% sustainable product.

What would you use it for? Order a few bags for your children's first growing project. Revitalize the soil around your plants with a handful of Vermicycle® around the base of each plant. Re-pot your favorite house plants with a pack of Vermicycle® My Organic Garden, and see what happens. Protect your house plants, bushes and garden from fungi and bugs with a spray made from Vermicycle® Tea Mix. Get a delivery of 1 - 3 bags of Vermicycle® My Organic Garden to freshen up the soil for your patio and indoor plants. Request delivery of 8 - 15 bags to support your grass, bushes and flowers. Order in cubic yards for landscaping companies, organic farms; towns and cities; universities and business enterprises. We know Vermicycle® Organics grows plants longer, stronger and greener. Try it for yourself and discover the magic of Vermicycle®.
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